Your letters for Feb. 4

Marking the day, making a difference

Today is World Cancer Day and we at the Canadian Cancer Society want to thank our donors and supporters for all they’ve done and will do to help us achieve our vision of a world where no Canadian fears cancer.

With nearly one in two Canadians expected to receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime, most people have been or will be affected by cancer in some way. At the Canadian Cancer Society, we know that while cancer changes people, it doesn’t have to define them. We believe that life is bigger than cancer.

As you take the time today to think about how cancer has touched your life, we invite you to continue to make a difference for yourself and your fellow Canadians by visiting for more information.

Chelsea Draeger, Executive Director, Alberta/NWT, Canadian Cancer Society


Not all Springbank residents in ritzy mansions

Re: Landowners, NDP make dam deal; With spring election looming, ranchers near proposed Springbank dam have upper hand, Jan. 30

I see no need to pit one community against another because of the size of the homes. Licia Corbella’s comments on “the pricey Springbank land farther east that is used for mansion-like acreage homes and swanky subdivisions on the western edge of Calgary” has no bearing on why the Robinson family chose to move forward with their ranching life due to loss of the land to the proposed Springbank Off-stream Reservoir.

Dare I remind Corbella of the ritzy subdivisions in her own city, those of Mount Royal, Bow Crescent, Elbow Drive, and Aspen to name a few. I extend an invitation to her for a cup of tea in my humble bungalow in Springbank any day.

Cyndy Clarke, North Springbank


UCP leader appears to tailor policy to audience at hand

Re: Kenney vows help for homebuyers; UCP takes aim at mortgage rules as Calgary home prices decline, Jan. 31

I can’t help thinking Jason Kenney is developing a nasty habit of playing to whoever he happens to be addressing at the time. He’s consistently attacked the NDP for high deficits increasing Alberta’s debt. Now he’s attacking the Liberals for making it harder for Albertans to get further into debt? When we’ve been hearing warnings from financial institutions that consumer debt loads are higher than ever and dangerously so?

He may have said what the Calgary Real Estate Board wanted to hear, but it seems completely inconsistent with his views on provincial debt and doesn’t encourage me to take anything he says seriously.

Christopher R. Ford, Calgary


Alberta has been good to many

To gloomy Albertans who talk of independence and threaten separation, I say, “Here’s your hat, what’s your hurry? Godspeed as you flee to your promised land.”

For me, words are not adequate to express how grateful I am that my grandparents risked all they had to come to Western Canada in 1900. Even though they found no paradise, their hopes for a better future were not dashed. They faced the challenges, the hardships and the alienation with courage and determination, always believing it was possible to build a prosperous future.

All these years later, I cannot think of a place I would rather call home. I’ve felt this way even when the privatizing, hospital blower-upper was premier. Or, more recently, when the man with the Canada No-Action Plan was prime minister.

Florence Rachansky, Calgary

from Calgary Herald

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